Michelle Langone, 24, is a classically trained musician at heart, passionate about theatre and the performing arts, with a knack for bending the rules, blending genres, and playing outside of the box of established conventions with her versatile singing ability. She never felt like she fit into this world or into any specific genre, so she set out to create her own. She believes her musical gifts are divinely inspired, as music has been her source of healing through every hardship and burdensome season of her life. Hope, faith, love, trust, duality, overcoming, transforming victimhood into victory, and arriving at the core of one’s originally created, or true self, are central themes in her work. Michelle devotes herself to expressing the deepest truths of her life experience through the medium of unique poetry and the art of sound. She is known to reveal multifaceted layers of meaning and intuitive revelations in her artistic expression. It is her mission to create uplifting, activating, and healing works of art to inspire the next generation towards expansion, awareness, truth, and love. She believes music has the power to change the world, and strives to be a part of the change she wishes to see.